Asher Pirt researched the role of Lieutenant Neville Hay’s Phantom patrol attached to the British Airborne Division at Arnhem.

His Patrol Sergeant Hobkirk is well known and was awarded the British Empire Medal for his gallantry during the Operation. There were three other ranks with the patrol.

Good news is that research has uncovered the name of one of those other ranks. There was a news article published in October 1944 concerning he and his brother’s service during the Operation.

Norman James Baker served in Hay’s Phantom Patrol at Arnhem. He was born in Staffordshire on 7 January 1923. He enlisted into the Royal Armoured Corps in May 1942.

Baker was recruited into Phantom in December 1942. He joined ‘L’ Squadron. He was selected by Neville Hay to take part in Operation Market Garden. The patrol reported the battle for Arnhem.

After the operation, he was attached to the VIII American Corps. After the hostilities, he joined 3 GHQ Liaison Regiment and remained with Phantom in Germany until his discharge.

Still trying to work out the final members of Phantom at Arnhem. Asher would like to hear from you if can help or have more information about anyone who served in Phantom.