We have learnt the sad news of the passing of the 1 SAS Regt Veteran Alec Borrie. He was a wonderful, kind man and very generous with his time with those interested in his life and war service.

Alec served with Maj. ‘Tony’ Marsh DSO’s ‘C’ Squadron in 1st SAS Regiment from early 1944. He took part in special operations in France and Germany, but he was always extremely modest of his war service.

On Operation Howard he was blown up and seriously wounded. Alec never forgot his comrades who were missing, killed or died of wounds. Following the war, the SAS Veterans discovered how many of the missing had been murdered after capture.

He always enjoyed the SAS reunions he attended following the war. 1st SAS Regiment Commanding Officer Lt Col Blair Mayne DSO was greatly admired by Alec Borrie. He had many stories of the heroism of men and officers who served alongside him.

We will never forget him and his comrades as Alec never forgot them.