On 2 November 2023, there was a presentation on Anglo-Polish Liaison with a focus GHQ Liaison Regiment (Phantom). In particular with a Phantom patrol mainly attached to HQ First Polish Armoured Division. This Phantom “GULL” Patrol was commanded by Capt. Geoffrey Brain. The patrol commander would gather ‘situation reports’ from the Division Command to send direct to the Phantom Squadron HQ located at First Canadian Army HQ. The patrol also had a Polish Detachment to assist with intercept of radio transmissions of the Armoured Division to gather information on the progress of operations.


Imperial War Museum Oral History

Brain, Cyril Geoffrey

British trooper and NCO served with Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (Prince of Wales’s Own Royal Regiment) in GB, 1936-1940; officer served with 4th Bn Wiltshire Regt, 129th Infantry Bde, 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Div in GB, 7/1940-7/1942; served with West Dorset Scout Section, Home Guard in GB, 7/1942-3/1943; served with GHQ Liaison Regiment (Phantom) in GB and North West Europe, 3/1943-5/1945