Aug 3/4.    Dropped SE of MESSAC -half blind drop as the lights of the reception party were extinguished after the first run in and in consequence we were not dropped on the correct DZ. All six in the stick landed safely and we had all found each     other and hidden our kit within ninety minutes. Spent rest of night in nearby wood, waiting until daylight to find out our position on the map.

Aug 4.        Spent all day well hidden -breached other successfully from dense wood -Tony BELL and Sgt. HODGSON made recce and contacted FFI – also contacted US Army in the evening.

Aug 4/5.    Tony GLOVER and Paul HAZELL-YATES dropped –  torches worked well in directing aircraft over the DZ.

Aug 5.        Whole party of twenty moved to nearby farm in the morning and FFI took us into MESSAC in MT (of a kind) and we joined up with Americans. Two saloon cars packed with Boche escaped through village at dusk.

Aug 5/6     Stood to most of the night.

Aug 6         Moved to LOHEAC (next but one village to MESSAC) – 4 French Para Bn stick under Sgt. MATERM joined us.

Aug 6-10.  Stayed at farm outside LOHEAC collecting MT and getting it on the road. BBC reporter and recorder ROBIN DUFF paid us a visit, took some photographs of our wonderful MT and crews and made a couple of recordings.

Aug 11/13           Moving to LE MANS (punctures were numerous owing to tyres & rds).

Aug 14/18 Remained at LE MANS -met two Belgians parties -escorted MT for Major NEAVE to collect 137 Airmen from St. CALAIS area then behind the lines, no Boche encountered or even seen.

Aug 18/20 Moving Home via LAVAL, RENNES, St. LO and BAYEUX across channel to NEWHAVEN.